Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2015

The moon next to the Phillips Academy Memorial Bell Tower in Andover, MA. Before, during and after the total eclipse.

Stars and Stripes

Some more black & white photos taken with the Leica. From the 2015 Independence Day events in Andover and Boston, MA.

Disney in Black & White

For a Disney World vacation in March 2015, I decided to change things up a bit and photograph the whole trip in black & white film, using the family heirloom Leica M3 camera recently given to me. It's a fully mechanical camera from the early 1960s with not even a built-in light meter, so it's nice not having to worry about charging batteries. Though of course I did have to worry about changing films. And I must say the M3 isn't really an ergonomic masterpiece when it comes to that. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience.

All photos taken with the 50mm Summicron lens on Ilford HP5 PLUS film.

A New(?) Beginning

To get started, I have transferred my adventure travel photo galleries from the old Web site pretty much unchanged. The Greenland and Korea photos were all shot on slide film. For the 2004 India business trip, I used one of my first digital cameras: a Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2. And the Tanzania, Chile and Alaska trips were all shot with a Canon 20D digital SLR. Except I didn't quite trust this newfangled technology back in 2004 and had a backup EOS film camera that I used for a few photos in Tanzania.

New Web Hosting Comany

After many years of non-use, I decided to move my Web site to a new hosting provider: Squarespace. There was nothing really wrong with the previous one. But it required all manual Web page design. With the easy editing features that Squarespace provides, I'm hoping there is now less excuse for not adding new content once in a while...